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What is a Public Adjuster and how can they be of service to us...
A Public Adjuster is licensed and recognized by the State Department of Insurance and is a professional claims adjuster who represents the interests of you, the Insured with respect to and preparation of all aspects of property damage claims. They are employed exclusively by you, the Policyholder and not the insurance company.
Can I prepare my own claim...
Yes, however a Public Adjuster is employed to protect your interests, expedite the claims process, take the burden off of you and ultimately maximize your recovery.
Should we wait for an offer from the insurance company before retaining a Public Adjuster...
No. A Public Adjuster is in a superior position if able to evaluate the loss prior to your Carrier’s adjuster to the extent that they can lay the groundwork and set the tone going forward. Be aware that the Insurance Company’s adjuster primarily has the interests of the company first, then the Insured. A Public Adjuster will help protect your interests and determine the next steps, temporary repairs, mitigation, inventory of contents, etc. Awaiting an offer from the Insurance Company could jeopardize final settlement figures, extend delays and potentially lead to an unsatisfactory settlement.
Will using a Public Adjuster expedite the claims process...
Yes. Allied Adjuster Services has daily contact with the insurance carriers and rapport with their adjusters and therefore is able to navigate the process while allowing you to utilize your time to your benefit.
Do we have to accept the settlement as offered by our insurance company...
No. Our team of adjusters and appraisers will examine and re-evaluate all aspects of your damages and present your claim with the benefit of our experience in loss recovery and claims negotiation
Is it possible to file a supplemental claim if we have already accepted payment...
Yes. Depending on the factors used to arrive at the settlement, our experts will insure that all aspects of your claim and payment for the damages have been addressed.
Can we use a contractor to settle our claim...
No. Unlike building contractors, a Public Adjuster has the experience in evaluating insurance coverages, endorsements, deductibles and depreciation and how they are likely to affect the outcome of your loss recovery.
What is your compensation...
Upon your acceptance of the figures, our compensation is a minimal percentage of your insurance claim settlement. Allied Adjuster Services will advise you of any offer tendered by the insurance company, and it will be your decision to accept or reject the final offer.

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