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Debris Removal

Correct Dimension and Tearoff of Underlayment

Siding Replacement or Reset vs. Cleaning

Asbestos Siding Removal

Corner Trim to Access Siding

Exterior Window Trim Replacement

Repoint Masonry

Fujitsu AC Unit Replacement

Clean/Treat/Seal Joist and Wall Framing

Clean/Treat/Disinfect Floor Framing

Replace Subfloor

Germicide of Underpinning

Acid Wash Fireplace & Hearth

Furring Strip Replacement

Hardboard Insulation Replacement

Grade & Replacement of Wall Paneling

Grasscloth or Wallpaper Replacement

Patio Door Replacement vs.Cleaning

Tub Replacement vs. Clean & Reset

Regrout Tile Floor vs. Clean

Bannister Replacement

Stair Stringer & Riser Replacement

Replace Appliances with those of Equal Value

Upgrade Trim

New Bath Fixtures vs. Reset Existing

Main Service Replacement

Outlet Replacement

Rewire Crawlspace

Re-wrap and Insulate Plumbing Lines

Service Gas Line


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