Our Collapse Insurance Adjusters assist you with claims pertaining to the damages sustained to the physical structure of your building.

Like any other insurance policy, collapse insurance is not easily understood and involves specific triggers, and legal and technical jargon by which a claim may be processed. Our qualified personnel at Allied Adjuster Services while understanding the intricate details of these policies, strives to establish the basis by which your claims can be paid. The multitude of factors responsible for such damages can make the claim process even more difficult, thereby enabling your insurance carrier to include many conditions and limitations for these types of damages.

    Recover More Money For Your Insurance Claims ....

    The highly professional approach of Allied Adjuster Services aids Collapse Insurance Adjusters work to flow with utmost care. If rendered homeless, our housing division will locate temporary accommodations, long term if necessary, and similar in kind to your lifestyle, proximate to the loss location. We understand the nature of the damage sustained and the emotional factors involved. We will appraise the property damage, including Business Interruption if applicable and document as necessary to obtain the greatest benefit for you.

    We handle original, as well as supplemental collapse claims and employ our expertise in the process.